The winners of the Lotto syndicate from Thurles Co Tipperary have arrived to collect their €17m EuroMillions jackpot at Lotto headquarters in Dublin this afternoon.

The 32 workers from Stakelums hardware store will take home around €500,000.

Ger Sammon has been organising the Lotto syndicate for over 20 years.

He outlines the moment he realised they had finally won.

"I was actually at home after coming in from playing a few holes of golf.

"I checked my phone and I saw on the news that there was a €17m winner in Ireland.

"So I pulled out the ticket and started going left to right across - (an) unbelievable feeling, you don't believe it for a second.

"I went into the other room to meet my wife and I said 'I think we've won the EuroMillions' and she said 'You're joking'".