John Tighe of Lavallyroe in Ballyhaunis in Co Mayo denies murdering six month old Joshua in June 2013

The trial of a Mayo man accused of murdering his baby son has heard about a Facebook post on the night before the baby died.

It read that the accused’s ex-girlfriend was in a relationship.

It’s the Prosecution’s case that John Tighe, of Lavallyroe in Ballyhaunis, murdered his six-month-old son Joshua by placing a ‘bolus’ or wad of tissue in his throat.

The 40-year-old has pleaded not guilty and maintains what happened in June 2013 was an accident.

He made an emergency call, saying his baby had grabbed a wipe and started choking on it while his back was turned for a second.

The court heard the night before Joshua died, his mother Natasha and her new boyfriend went public that they were a couple - and put up a Facebook post saying they were in a relationship.

Daniel Sommerville told the court they had started dating in May, and Joshua used to come and stay with them.

He agreed under cross examination that the accused John Tighe could have known about the relationship before the Facebook post.

The trial also heard from a forensic scientist who examined the wad of paper that was taken from baby Joshua’s throat during a post-mortem.

She said it was two pieces of tissue paper crumpled together.