Sergeant McCabe became emotional when he was asked to recall what John McGuinness told him

Maurice McCabe has told the Disclosures Tribunal the former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan told a TD that Sergeant McCabe had sexually abused all of his own children and his nieces.

Sgt McCabe became emotional when he was asked to recall what John McGuinness told him at a meeting in May 2016.

He said Deputy McGuinness also recalled being told by Commissioner Callinan that Sgt McCabe was not to be trusted and that it was very serious.

He said he couldn’t believe it and couldn’t recall how he got home that night.

Sgt McCabe is this afternoon being questioned about how he came to meet with former Garda press officer David Taylor, who alleges a campaign to smear him by senior gardaí.

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It’s the first time the Garda whistleblower has given evidence at the Tribunal, which has been hearing of the breakdown in relations between Sgt McCabe and his superiors.

Sgt McCabe says there is a culture within the gardaí where it is extremely hard to speak out, but he has received support from the public and some colleagues, particularly in Mullingar.

This morning he told Tribunal counsel that he was extremely happy when he was cleared by the DPP of an allegation of abusing the daughter of a colleague.

Sgt McCabe also said he got great support from management and colleagues at the time in April 2007.

But relations later soured, after McCabe raised a list of 21 problems with policing in Bailieboro with his superintendent, Michael Clancy.

After resigning his position as sergeant in charge, he told Supt Clancy he was disappointed that those issues were not dealt with, and he felt completely victimised as a result of making the complaints.