'Everybody would be very poor'

The US Attorney General is in a war of words with Donald Trump.

It's after rumours circulated that the U.S. President was planning to fire Jeff Sessions for removing himself from the Russian investigation.

Meanwhile the President says that the market would crash if he was to be impeached:

He was responding to criticism of his ex lawyer Michael Cohen who pleaded guilty to violating election laws and said he had been directed to do so by the President.

However, Mr Trump insisted the two payments had not broken election campaign rules and had come from him personally, not from the campaign.

Meanwhile rumours are circulating that Trump is planning to fire the US attorney general for distancing himself from the separate Russia investigation.

Jeff Sessions, an early supporter of Trump's campaign, says he stepped aside to avoid a potential conflict of interest and that he won't be influenced by the president's political agenda.

Correspondents say it is unlikely Mr Trump's opponents would try to impeach him before November's mid-term elections.