The planned white paper has been called "most significant publication on the EU since the referendum"

Theresa May has confirmed the UK government's draft plans for Brexit won't be published until after EU leaders meet later this month.

The British prime minister says her cabinet will thrash out details of the white paper at an 'away day' at her country residence in England.

Last month, Britain's Brexit secretary David Davis said it would be their "most significant publication on the EU since the referendum".

Speaking in Canada, Mrs May insisted there'll be 'a lot of activity' in Brexit talks over the coming weeks - but confirmed the key document won't be published until after she meets with her ministers following the EU summit.

She said: "I'll be going to the June European Council where we'll be talking about finalising the withdrawal agreement, but also pressing on the future relationship."

This week saw the UK publishing proposals for a 'backstop' to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland if no deal is reached with the EU before the planned withdrawal date next year.

Although the final deadline for a deal is October, EU leaders have repeatedly said they need to see 'substantial progress' in talks ahead of the June meeting.

Sinn Féin's David Cullinane said it is "not good enough" to have any further delays in reaching agreement.

He said: "We cannot allow June to come and go again with no deal, and again with all of the uncertainty that we've seen up to now continue up until October."