The young player has called for a charity match to help build new facilities for Magheracloone GAA

A thoughtful young GAA player has called for an under-sevens charity match to raise funds for a GAA club that has seen facilities severely damaged by a mine collapse in Monaghan.

Magheracloone GAA club shared a letter sent by a member of the Ratoath GAA under-sevens team.

The child called for a charity game between his own under-sevens team and the Magheracloone under-sevens, adding “I think it would help get money for their new club.”

Magheracloone have shared the letter online, praising the child for the “lovely gesture.”

A number of sinkholes and rifts opened up in the land around the Monaghan GAA facility following the collapse at the Magheracloone Gypsum mine on Monday September 24th.

The nearby Dromgossatt National School was immediately evacuated following the incident; however the children have since been allowed to return to school.

The operator of the Magheracloone gypsum mine has said the collapse followed a “unique and complex set of circumstances” – and warned that further land collapses cannot be ruled out in the coming weeks.

Gyproc Ireland said it is in regular contact with the families living at five nearby homes “to ensure they have appropriate support” and has “offered its support to replace” the damaged Magheracloon GAA Clubhouse and community centre.