Staff report stress, anxiety and depression

Unstable contracts are bad for workers' mental health, according to a report from think tank Tasc on precarious and insecure working conditions.

It found that these types of workers often feel stressed, anxious and depressed with many unable to afford to take time off.

Co author of the report Dr Sinead Pembroke said that some workers are forced choose between buying food or medicine: 'I had one person called Barbara saying to me that she had to choose between food and her inhaler'.

The report also found that a large amount of workers on unstable contracts are members of the so called ‘hidden homeless’ community.

They are living from month to month and often have to move home or stay with friends.

Report co-author Alicja Bobek added that there’s an increase in highly qualified young professionals on these types of contracts, for example those working in education and healthcare: 'It’s a misconception that these types of contracts only exist in the retail and hospitality sectors'.

Tasc will publish recommendations in a follow up report due out in September.