Together For Yes launches new video

Around two women a week who’ve been told their baby won’t survive outside the womb travel to the UK and other jurisdictions for a termination.

In 2016, 113 Irish women with a fatal foetal abnormality had a termination in the UK and Wales.

Every 1 in 2 couples who are told their baby won’t survive outside the womb, will travel to another country to have an abortion.

That’s according to Together for Yes who are campaigning to repeal the 8th Amendment.

They've released a video today called 'Faces of the 8th' which features people who have been affected by fatal foetal abnormalities:

Chair of the support group 'Terminations For Medical Reasons' Siobhan Donohue says a special delivery room at Liverpool Women’s Hospital has been nicknamed ‘The Shamrock Suite’ due to the amount of Irish women who’ve been there:

'For people who are going to deliver a baby that won't survive there is a special room at Liverpool Women's Hospital it has a little room off it where it has a cot to place the baby and a sofa bed for the partner. We discovered that many of us had been in that same bed.'