The Justice Minister will face the threat of strike action by mid-ranking gardai when he attends their annual conference this evening.

The Association of Garda Segeants and Inspectors says it’s only pushing for what’s fair in terms of the right to strike, but would not comment further ahead of an address to Minister Charlie Flanagan.

The AGSI is also calling for the immediate appointment of over 160 sergeants.

The organisation says it doesn't want to see another situation where the force is criticised because "their people got it wrong."

Repeated reviews into policing in Bailieboro in Cavan have pointed to the lack of supervision of trainee or probationer gardai.

That's among the issues currently being examined by the Disclosures Tribunal.

AGSI Secretary General John Jacob says they’ll raise the lack of supervision with the Justice Minister this evening:

"It's important that we have front-line supervisors. The organisation is governed by an employment control framework which means we can only have the number of positions that the government decides we can have. They need to revisit that urgently and they need to increase our numbers."

Meanwhile the organisation is calling for measures to tackle the rise of suicide.