UL President said she's been an "inspiration" to students

Vicky Phelan's received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University Of Limerick.

Ms Phelan's case brought the Cervical Check scandal to national attention in April.

The 43-year-old, who's terminally ill, settled a case against a US lab for for €2.5mn after being wrongly informed in 2011 that she had the all clear.

Three years later, a review found the results were incorrect.

She was diagnosed with cervical cancer around the same time, but she only found out about that review last year.

Image via @UL on Twitter

Ms Phelan attended UL as a student and she is also a former employee.

UL President Dr Des Fitzgerald praised Ms Phelan for her selfless commitment to public service, describing her as 'an inspiration to students, staff and the wider university community.'

He said: "It has been awarded to just a small number of women to date, including the former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson; Adi Roche and Ali Hewson, for their contribution to volunteerism; and, to Catherine Day for her leadership in the European Commission, to name a few.

"Some recipients, like Vicky Phelan are graduates of UL who have done extraordinary things, who have brought great honour to the university and to its community, and who make us proud".

Dr Fitzgerald said Ms Phelan "has had a major impact on people's lives in this most difficult and precious time in her own."

"She is an inspiration to our students, our staff and our community, she has brought great honour to the university, and for this we have awarded Vicky Phelan an Honorary Doctor of Letters".

Image via @UL on Twitter

Speaking ahead of the ceremony, Ms Phelan said: "I loved my time as a student in University of Limerick and that is where I began my professional career: I never anticipated then, that I would be presented with an honorary doctorate by the university.

"It is an honour for me and one I am delighted to accept."

Health wise she says she's feeling good.

"100% yeah - I had my fourth dose of the new drug I'm on last Wednesday.

"After the first dose I had a very bad reaction, but that was just an initial reaction to the infusion - but no my body's used to it, I'm flying it there's very little side effects.

"The only side effect I have so far is in my hands, it's kind of like rheumatoid arthritis, it affects inflammation - but it's a small price to pay for feeling this well".