More than 200 MPs have signed a letter urging the UK Prime Minister to rule out a no deal scenario

The UK Prime Minister has insisted that next week's vote on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement will "definitely" go ahead.

The BBC reports that the vote will now be held next Tuesday January 15th.

It remains unclear if Mrs May will be able to win the required level of support to get the deal passed – with the DUP and many ‘Leave’ supporters insisting they will not back the deal as it stands.

Debates on the deal are due to resume on Wednesday and Mrs May has warned her colleagues that the country will enter 'unchartered territory' if it is rejected.

She has warned her colleagues that a rejection of the agreement will end up with either a no deal scenario or no Brexit at all.

Meanwhile, more than 200 British MPs from across the political divide have signed a letter urging UK Prime Minister Theresa May to rule out the no-deal scenario.

Speaking from his visit to West Africa yesterday, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the ongoing debate was a matter of internal British Politics - but noted Irish officials will be monitoring the situation very closely in the coming days.

He warned however, that the EU cannot accept any watering down of the backstop preventing a return to a hard border in Ireland.

“We need more than good intent and warm words,” he said.

“What we need is a treaty that can give effect to the practical considerations that are necessary to avoid a hard border.

“That is why we put so much work into that agreement over the past 18 months.

“Whether people want to understand it or not they need to accept that by voting against the agreement they are threatening that possibility.”