The song has sparked a worldwide dance craze

People are being warned against taking risks when doing the 'Kiki' dance challenge.

The viral trend is inspired by Drake's latest single 'In My Feelings' and also goes by the 'InMyFeelings challenge or #DoTheShiggy.

The dance craze originated from an Instagram post by US influencer and comedian Shiggy.

Stars including Ciara, Will Smith, Ryan Seacrest and even Irish rugby star Sean O'Brien have posted videos of themselves doing the dance challenge on social media.


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However some have taken the challenge too far with police in Dubai arresting three social influencers after they took part in the craze which 'endangered their lives.'

Some people have been seen falling out of moving vehicles, while others have crashed their car.

This man managed to get himself knocked over!

The official video for 'In My Feelings' is out today, with Drake expected to perform the dance at some stage.