Patient Focus slams failures in Cervical Check

A patient advocacy group says the Cervical Check scandal has shown we’ve gone backwards in terms of Open Disclosure.

Several inquiries are due to take place into how 17 women died who had been screened for cervical cancer.

162 out of 208 women whose files were audited were not told they were part of a HSE lookback.

Juliette Gash reports;

HIQA has confirmed that it's been asked to conduct an investigation into the Cervical Check programme - and is assembling its investigation team. The next step will be to publish its Terms of Reference, which will be in about a fortnight's time.

The Irish Cancer Society is also receiving a briefing about how Cervical Check will conduct repeat smear tests, or reviews, if women request them.

The Director General of the HSE yesterday suggested that women might prefer to ask for a review of their slides, as the issue was with the screening part of the check, rather than the taking of the smear, which is much more invasive.

Donal Buggy from the Irish Cancer Society agreed, saying women can have their previously-taken smear re-checked, rather than having to go for another smear;