Flip flops are a big no no!

Flip flops, shorts and bare midriffs have been included in a list of items not to be worn in the office during the summer months.

In a survey from Office Team, 80% of managers say clothing could effect an employee's chances of getting promoted.

It comes after last month was hotter than usual for May, with a temperature of 26.3 degrees recorded in Co. Clare. Casement Aerodrome in Dublin saw the lowest rainfall since 1991, while there was 16 hours of uninterrupted sunshine at Malin Head in Donegal on the 29th.

Met Eireann is forecasting that temperatures will remain in the mid twenties for the week, so what should we wear to work?

Well here's a list of what not to wear according to Business Insider:

  1. Bare midriffs
  2. Shorts
  3. Anything sheer
  4. Flip Flops
  5. Beach wear
  6. Denim cut offs
  7. Anything strapless
  8. socks with sandals
  9. yoga pants
  10. Jeans with tears

Stylist and Blogger Lorna Weightman says 'Flip Flops are a no no, nobody wants to look at their colleagues' feet in work! Sleeveless t-shirts on men are also a big no. A  good alternative would be a short-sleeved shirt', she added, 'Tailoring is a good option for women and cotton is your best friend because it cools you down when you're too hot'

Lorna says that comfort is key for dressing in the summer months with most work places relaxing their dress codes when the weather gets warmer.