A Dublin family syndicate claimed their prize today, more than four weeks after their Christmas win

A member of a Dublin family that scooped a massive €5.4 million Lotto jackpot before Christmas says she stored the winning ticket inside her sports bra and hid it in her wardrobe.

The family waited for more than four weeks before claiming their cheque today.

The ticket was bought at the WH Smith shop in the arrivals section in Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport.

They had purchased the ticket while picking up a family member on December 23rd.

They discovered on Christmas Eve that they had the winning ticket when they heard on the radio that it had been sold at the airport.

The woman who bought the ticket - a daughter in the family - explained: “I was looking to see where the safest place was for the ticket so I tucked it into the cup of a sports bra and then hid it in the very back of my wardrobe... just to be doubly safe!

"It’s funny now looking back but that is genuinely the safest place I could actually think of at the time.”

The family added they were happy to enjoy Christmas and then get some financial advice before they finally claimed their massive prize today.