Participants on the Youth Advocate Programme Gather In Dublin

83% of vulnerable young people who took part in special support programmes last year reported an improvement in their self esteem and confidence.

The Youth Advocate Programmes is for young people or families struggling with things like substance abuse, anger issues or emotional problems.

89% who took part last year reported an improvement in self-harm behaviours, 86% reported an improvement in substance abuse and 77% reported an improvement in anger issues.

Participants in the YAP programmes gathered at Croke Park in Dublin today to discuss improving their mental health and well-being.

The theme for the annual event was 'Mind Yourself, Mind Each Other'.

16 year old  participant Jenny says it's important to discuss your mental health from a young age: 'It's like pushing things under the carpet, if you keep doing it, eventually it's going to pile up and you're going to burst. So from a young age, even in primary school, these things need to be talked about'.