'Child Talks' was broadcast live on Facebook

It's World Children's Day, and a number of inspirational young people have spoken at a 'Ted Talks' style event at City Hall in Dublin to mark the occasion.

'Child Talks' - a collaboration between the Ombusdman for Children's office and 15 other youth organisations, including UNICEF, the National Youth Council of Ireland and the Children's Rights Alliance - was broadcast live on Facebook.

From coming out as gay, to losing a parent and being a young Trans person in Ireland, seven young people told their personal stories.

17 year old Amy Hunter from Sligo, spoke about growing up in Ireland as a young Trans person.

Grace Murphy who's 16 and from Dublin spoke about losing her dad and the importance of mental health supports for young people.

And 20 year old Sinead Pollack from Galway explained that through music, she can express herself, despite battling with her confidence due to a disability.

You can watch the whole event and listen to all of the speeches below: