The man with MND – and an incredible amount of strength, resolve and courage - tells his story

6 years ago, Simon Fitzmaurice - father, brother, husband, son, writer and filmmaker - was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease - a debilitating neurological condition that has left him without the ability to move. He was given 3 years to live and, when his lungs finally gave in, doctors told him it was time to die. He refused.

Ray spoke to Simon last November about his film project My Name Is Emily. The film is now in pre-production and actors James Nesbitt and Freddie Highmore have signed up to star in the film.

Simon has now written a book about his life called It’s Not Yet Dark. It’s in shops from tomorrow and is a book about life, love and living with MND against all odds.

Simon lives at home in Greystones with his wife Ruth, and his 5 children - Jack, Raife, Arden and twins Sadie and Hunter. He communicates through an Eye-Gaze computer and has a ventilator to keep him alive.

Simon and Ruth speak to Ray about the new book - It’s Not Yet Dark:

Listen back to Ray’s interview with Simon Fitzmaurice from last November: