Ireland, you are hilarious.

From donkeys getting on the bus to lost tractors, Ireland is possibly one of the most unique and strange countries in the world and we love it.

We've rounded up some of our favourite 'Only in Ireland' moments.

Lets start with that time a Mayo road was a bit confused with its directions

Or when this pub had a special screening of... mass...


Speaking of mass

Source: John Cotter

Lets not forget the time this cow went for a quiet stroll in Letterkenny 

Or when this lad looked for an alternative way to get a date to the Debs

 When this Irish mammy went to a house party on a day you'd least expect it

That time our signs were a bit off

When this person decided to pitch a tent in the middle of a country road, just because

Seriously though. Do not leave the immersion on. 

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