Remus would give Hedwig a run for her money.

Even though it's been 12 years since the last book and 8 years since the last film, there's no denying that Potter Fever is well and truly here to stay and Potterheads are constantly coming up with new ways to explore the world created by JK Rowling all those years ago. 

Well Anna Brisbin, an actress from LA, brought it to a whole new level when she trained her dog, Remus, using only spells from the Harry Potter universe.

First of all, Remus shares his name with Professor Lupin, who takes up the position of Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher in the 3rd book, so we're already rooting for him. 

But yesterday, Anna posted this video of Remus responding appropriately to numerous incantations:

 Little Remus has stolen our hearts. He even has his own Instagram.

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expecto patronap. πŸ’€

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Rest easy young Potterheads, the future of the Harry Potter fandom is in good paws.