We jotted down every single thing that made us feel utterly hopeless

Have we been too negative about Ireland in recent months? Pondered Eoin Sheahan, his youthful features unburdened by the pain of following the fortunes of the Republic of Ireland.

Maybe we have, he concluded. He was so sure that he took note of every positive aspect of the performance in the 1-0 loss to Wales.

To combat this cock-eyed optimism, I took note of every single negative that has crossed my mind since last night’s match at the Aviva Stadium between the Republic of Ireland and Wales. Here are the results:

  • Negative tactics at best, at worst no tactics
  • No desire to play on the front foot, a frustrating insistence to wait until we are losing to try and win the game
  • Players devoid of confidence after months of being told they are “technically inferior”
  • Didn’t score a goal
  • Didn’t keep a clean sheet
  • The depressingly tiny amount of attacking intent shown.
  • The fans booing the team of the pitch
  • The constant reminder from O’Neill that he doesn’t rate the players
  • The public’s indifference to the national team
  • Inability to show composure in possession
  • Cyrus Christie’s fluffed sitter
  • O’Neill’s post match assessment: “The goal eventually separated the teams but there was a lot of positive play from us tonight”
  • John Delaney’s spoiled birthday celebrations
  • Harry Ater’s tackling
  • The real threat of relegation
  • Harry Arter’s last shot
  • Being third seeds for the next European Championship qualifiers draw
  • The people who didn’t even bother to stay until the end to boo
  • The amount of money it would cost to wield the axe
  • The realisation of how far the squad have regressed since Euro 2016