"It is just a bad day for him to be tested"

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits it's likely their fault that Alexis Sanchez missed a drugs test on Monday.

It was while he was negotiating a move to Manchester United.  Sanchez has reportedly violated the UK Anti-Doping’s 'whereabouts' rules after the Gunners failed to tell the FA he would not be at training on Monday.

Testers were due to turn up at their training ground and Sanchez was one of the random names selected for testing.

Wenger took the blame and says Arsenal are usually better organised when it comes to updating a player's whereabouts:

"On Monday there was a lot going on. It is special day for Alexis Sanchez because you have to do paper work and you have to travel," he said.

"Is he still our player on Monday? You don't know with negotiations going on.

"It was a special event for him to miss a drugs test because he was busy with his agent somewhere else.

"He has been tested so many times here that there is no issue over him having a doping problem. It is just a bad day for him to be tested.

"Honestly, on the administration side, it would still be our responsibility, on the day, he had not moved so maybe it is our responsibility.

"I do not know what happened but we always try to make our players available."