Poor judgement by England soccer manager

Your two top tips for today A) Don't put anything on social media that might come back to haunt you and B) if you have delete your account.

In this day and age you can be sure that your next new boss or that recruiter putting your name forward for a new job will be doing research on you in the obvious places.

Which brings us to tip C) maybe don't criticise sectors that you might eventually like a job in.

Take the case of the new England women's soccer boss Phil Neville.

The former Manchester United full-back's being accused of sexism and joking about domestic violence and has deleted his Twitter account after getting the job - as some of his old tweets come back to haunt him.

Like this one.

One, from 2011, said, "I'm back chilled - just battered the wife!!! Feel better now!". Another referred to women being busy "preparing breakfast" and "making the beds".

Another from the same account, and which was sent on 3 December 2012, reads: “U women... always wanted equality until it comes to paying the bills #hypocrites”.

All of which will make his first squad meeting interesting you would imagine.

If you're not short of a few bob and if you are going for high profile gig you would imagine you would have your agent/pr team review your account for anything negative first.

Neville is off to a hugely controversial start before a ball is kicked.

A press conference to address the issues might defuse the situation.

Then there's his er.. his lack of managerial experience and the fact that the FA for made the announcement on the main England Twitter account rather than the Lionesses’.

Neville holds a pro-licence qualification and has previously served as a coach under both David Moyes at Manchester United and his brother, Gary, at Valencia, as well as with the men’s England Under-21 team, but has never been a manager in his own right.

His contract runs until 2021. What are the odds on that running full term?!