The former Liverpool goalkeeper joined us in studio to discuss Liverpool's prospects

Mo Salah, take note: Former Liverpool goalkeeper gave us a fascinating insight into what it's like to play in a European Cup final.

Bruce joined us in studio to discuss the chaotic situation that the Liverpool team walked into the night of the final, which was against AS Roma in the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. It's fair to say that the gladiatorial comparisons did not just end there.

"We were stoned before we got into the stadium - pelted by stones, not the other stuff!

"That set the precedent of the game.

"We were going into the lion's den. Like those gladiators going to the Coliseum, they are on a hiding to nothing. And if they do win, they either get the thumbs up or the thumbs down. We had managed to come away with a victory."

The Reds also concocted a novel way of alleviating any pre-match nerves.

"Because of what happened when we initially went into the stadium, that really fired us up. in the tunnel, when were coming up and going onto the field. The Roma people never came outof their dressing room. So we started singing this Chris Rea song - "I don't know what it is but I love it" -  so we were warming up to this.

"As soon as they came out of their dressing room, Souness said 'Carry on singing and look them in the eye' - so you can imagine the look on their faces."

Bruce gave us an insight into his famous jelly legs, which went into Liverpool folklore as helping the Reds secure the '84 title. So much so that Jerzy Dudek performed the same kidology to AC Milan penalty-takers in 2005. He let us know that Joe Fagan asked him to try and put them off.

"I only put off the two players that I thought might have the bottle to score - the first was Bruno Conti. I put my hands on my knees and crossed them over like a 1960s dance, and he shot the ball over the bar so I thought 'Oh yeah - might work...'

"And then Graziani put his arm around the referee which I didn't like - and he ran into the back of the net, bit the net, ran to the other side and bit the net, crossed himself and I did what I did.

"By the letter of the law, I couldn't move my feet until the ball was kicked- so both times I didn't. This way I was 'spaghetti legs' and he just skied it."

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