Well....his likeness is

Whats your opinion of Conor McGregor? Everyone's got one!

Like him or not he is a phenomenon. Over 7 million facebook fans. Over 7 million twitter followers.

He's not even thirty! Although he will be shortly. I can take or leave the UFC to be honest but something I am a huge fan of is a likeness of the Dubliner created by Birmingham-based Lithuanian artist Edgar Askelovic, who designs under the name “Aspencrow”.

Have you seen it? The artist has documented his work on Instagram.

And to be fair its hugely impressive.


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I'm sure Christiano Ronaldo must be thinking, why didnt they get this lad to do my statue?


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The piece took five months to create, and will be on show at the JD Malat Gallery in Mayfair, London, on his birthday, and will take pride of place there until September 30. The artist will then gift the stunning piece, titled ATLAS, to the man himself.

McGregor has been tied up with the US courts preventing him from finalising his next mega money pay per view UFC event.

Thats something I will be less impressed by!