The sales amount to half the fee paid for the player from Real Madrid

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo is already being felt at Juventus long before he actually kicks a ball. The club have sold jerseys worth half of the transfer fee they paid for Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid.

€60 million worth of the famous shirts were sold by the Italian club in the 24 hours after they went on sale — a total of approximately 520,000 of those had Ronaldo's name on the back according to CNBC.

Not all that money will go to the club though, the Serie A side will likely receive between 10-15% of the revenue generated by shirt sales. The rest will be split between the manufacturer and the player himself through the sale of his image rights. In total they can expect between €6 million to €9 million of the cash.

It’s not only the tills of the club shop that is feeling the benefit of Ronaldo’s arrival. The club's stock price has also increased by almost 40%, and they've gained over 1 million new followers across their twitter, facebook and insta accounts.

The 520,000 shirts sold by Ronaldo is all the more remarkable when you consider the club’s total global shirt sales for the 2016/17 season were 850,000 units.

The top end version of the Juventus jersey with Ronaldo's name on the back retails for €137.45 on the club's website, that is the one that is identical in every way to the shirts the players are issued. The replica shirt is €104.95 while the female tailored version is €94.95. A kid's replica shirt with Ronaldo's name across the shoulders will run you €84.95.