"I feel the worst for my mother and sisters"

Cristiano Ronaldo says the rape allegations are having a terrible impact on his family.

The Juventus player has given an interview to France Football magazine and reiterated his belief that his name and reputation would be restored.

Kathryn Mayorga filed a civil lawsuit last month in America claiming she was raped by Ronaldo in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

Police have also reopened an investigation at her request.

Ronaldo is quoted as saying: "Of course this story is interfering in my life. I have a partner, four children, an ageing mother, sisters, a brother, a family I'm very close to.

"Not to mention my reputation, which is of somebody who is exemplary, I feel the worst for my mother and sisters.

"They're stunned by it all but, at the same time, very angry. This is the first time that I've seen them in this state."

Ronaldo also went into detail on his decision to leave Real Madrid for Juventus blaming a breakdown in his relationship with the president, Florentino Pérez:

“I felt it inside the club, especially from the president, that they no longer considered me the same way that they did in the start.

“In the first four or five years there I had the feeling of being ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ but less afterwards, the president looked at me through eyes that didn’t want to say the same thing, as if I was no longer indispensable to them, if you know what I mean.

“That’s what made me think about leaving. Sometimes I’d look at the news, where they were saying I was asking to leave. There was a bit of that but the truth is I always had the impression the president would not hold me back.

“If it had all been about money, I’d have moved to China, where I would have earned five times as much than here or at Real. I did not come to Juve for the money.

“I earned the same in Madrid, if not more. The difference is that, at Juve, they really wanted me. They told me that and made it clear, they showed me that.”