Hats off to Leah Lyons

Leah Lyons is a member of the Irish womens rugby team. She is 23 and from Ballyhooley in Cork. The Leeside native has played with Munster since 2013 and is now in her second season with the national squad. How many people do you know who have made the national team for anything?

Leah began her rugby journey 16 years ago in Fermoy with her twin brother in the underage boys team as there werent any girls teams and moved to Highfield 3 years ago.




What do you make of that? Disgrace or what?

We've known for a long time that some parents are the worst offenders when it comes to roaring abuse from the sidelines, so much so that former GAA President Liam O'Neill recommended 'silent sidelines' to ensure kids just get on with it and enjoy themselves.

Referees have had to contend with everything from verbal abuse to physical abuse to death threats and even in one famous case being locked in the boot of a car but in this day and age you would have thought Ireland has moved out of the dark ages.

Fair play to Leah for calling out the ignoramus who shouted 'Heifer' at her. If that was a parent imagine how they would have felt if that was THEIR daughter? The fact that Leahs family were so close only compunded matters.

You can't legislate for ignorance or bad manners but the main lesson Leah is providing here is not to be afraid to call out the bullies who say unpleasant things in whatever circumstances.

They are highlighting their own sad view of the world and deserve to be pulled up on it.