Ulster Star A Fiend For The Blocks In His Downtime

What do you do to take your mind off things if you have a big looming work assigment?

You can't exactly go down the town for a nose around the shops if you're a member of the Irish rugby squad and Ulsterman Jacob Stockdale asked himself that question.

'What can I do that will take four or five hours that isn't physically strenuous?' he wondered.

The answer is obviously Lego!

Whatever he does to ready himself for big games it obviosuly works.

So far last years top try scorer in the six nations has built the Millenium Falcon Yoda's Starfighter, the New York skyline in Lego.

I know you are wondering where stockdale's Lego projects fit in the grand scheme of difficult Lego projects.

They are: 

1. Eiffel Tower (3428 pieces) Standing at over four foot tall when fully built, this LEGO version of Paris’ iconic pointy landmark consists of over 3000 pieces. Almost every single one of them is the same colour, making it even trickier to construct. This one’s a true test for a master builder, as well as being less kind on your wallet than a real-life flight to France (the cheapest on Amazon at the moment is $900).

2. Ghostbusters Firehouse (4634 pieces) This impressively intricate Ghostbusters HQ design is more difficult than it looks on first glance. Not only do you have to build the exterior of the Fire House, but it also swings open on a hinge to show multiple rooms within. It’s worth the challenge for hard-core fans, though, as it includes a whopping 9 minifigures covering the entire band of original ‘busters and a few ghoulish nasties.

3. Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon (5195 pieces) Wow!

With over 5000 pieces, most of which are grey and tiny, LEGO sets don’t come much more difficult. 

 Will Ireland strike back against the rugby empire at the weekend?

Lets just hope Stockdale doesnt end up walking on some of those damned tiny Lego blocks in his bare feet when he's getting ready for the match!