International Rugby Museum Greenlighted in Limerick

Planning permission has been granted for an international rugby museum in Limerick city.

A digital interactive experience dedicated to the game worldwide is expected to open early next year.

Located on the citys main thoroughfare on 40 O Connell street, its been funded thanks to a €10m grant from JP McManus, and steered by an advisory board headed by former Munster, Ireland and Lions captain Paul O'Connell.

Great news for the mid west.

It's yet another example of the benefit being reaped locally from having someone like JP McManus in the community.

Millions have been raised for both charities and community endeavours around the businessmans home which leaves 31 other counties in Ireland bemoaning the fact that they don't have a JP McManus figure in their midst.

JP must lead the type of life we all aspire to. A string of horses in training here and in the UK have also made the Limerickman a key supporter of Irish racing.

Can you imagine getting the worlds greatest golfers including Tiger Woods at the height of his powers for a few rounds in your local course?

Thats what JP has managed to do several times with the worlds leading players teeing off in Adare for his pro-am.

I'm sure many of the leading lights were saying 'sorry where?' when JP told them that he wanted them to play his local course.

Given the way regional Ireland has been ravaged by the recession how everywhere outside the pale revives itself is entirely dependent on support from the likes of JP, the government and cleverness in the community about how they can trigger an economic revival.

In many cases only one of the above is available to areas suffering from depopulation and missing out on the celtic tiger in the first place.

We all dream of a team of JP's.