18 Year Old Obafemi Mulling Over International Future

At the risk of sounding like Baz Luhrmann ( a lad who had a hit with a song doling out advice...see below), would you be comfortable with any of the decisions you made when you were 18?

The eyes of the nation are on 18 year old Michael Obafemi at the moment as the youngster considers which soccer nation to declare for.

It's familiar territory for us all as we await news of Declan Rice's decision.

Jack Grealish was uninterested but it's clear this is a process that will need to ramp up if Martin O'Neill wants to compete internationally.

And it really was ever thus.

The reality is the Republic of Ireland international squad is in transition.

Martin O Neill is casting the net far and wide to rejuvenate the side following the departure of long time servants such as Robbie Keane, Kevin Kilbane and John O Shea.

Given the make up of Big Jacks Republic of Ireland squad, those old enough will remember we've been here before.

Ray Houghton born in Glasgow, could have played for Scotland got two of the most memorable goals for Ireland against England and Italy.

Kevin Sheedy Born in Wales, with his Dad from Co Clare. and Mick McCarthy born in Barnsley, Yorkshire and his late Dad Charlie from Tallow in County Waterford.

Now Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill has called on FIFA to change their player eligibility rules.

Eighteen year old Michael Obafemi plays for Southampton and is Dublin born.

Michael is training with the Boys in Green this week and could make his debut in Thursday's International Friendly against Northern Ireland.

But could also represent England and Nigeria,

He would be tied to Ireland if he features in Monday's Nations League game in Denmark. Martin O Neill wants to see a senior appearance of any kind leaving no room for a subsequent nationality switch but says he will put no pressure on him.

Tough call for someone so young on what may define their soccer future.

May he find peace in the decision.

And don't forget all of us need to heed the great list of advice from the bould Baz.