United Team Bus Late Again!


I'm not the most punctual.

In my old age my turning up for things can be hit and miss.

I could be an hour early or have to ring someone who I may be meeting at the time we are to meet to say I'm delayed by traffic, over runs etc.

However for the MAJOR things that are going on, I do manage to get my act together and turn up on time.

Say what you want about Jose Mourinho; the Manchester United knows how to make life interesting.

With a crunch Champions League meeting against Juventus at Old Trafford tonight, United wanted to avoid a repeat of the scenes during the last matchday which eventually saw them fined €15,000 by Uefa for their late arrival and the subsequent delayed kick-off against Valencia.


The United team coach was caught in traffic on its way from the Lowry Hotel to Old Trafford on 2 October, while Mourinho would later claim his side were refused a police escort.

United’s opponents that night were also charged for the late kick-off which came at 8:05pm, as the two sides played out a goalless draw.

Doh! Again!

For their latest European outing, United changed their plans in a bid to avoid a repeat of the Valencia delay, but with the bus once again stuck in a traffic jam, Mourinho decided to take matters into his own hands - or feet, as it were.

Speaking to BT Sport after arriving before the rest of the team on the bus, Mourinho revealed "I walked in a hoodie, in the middle of the fans, no one recognised me. I took two minutes."

Fair enough! The Juventus bus made it to the ground just before 7pm for the 8pm kick-off, with the United bus arriving around 15 minutes later.

At one of the biggest clubs in the world you'd imagine they would be able to iron out their logistical issues!

Their team bus gets stuck in traffic again and they arrived late for a second successive Champions League game, despite staying in a hotel just three-quarters of a mile away?

What would YOUR boss say?

Given that Cristiano Ronaldo marked his return to Old Trafford with a 1 nil win as his Juventus side moved five points clear at the top of the Group, presumably Jose would say - open up the cheque book lads, and maybe we can sort the bus out!