Has Jack Wilshere the right idea?

Well how's the new year resolutions going? Dry January? Er. Kale shakes? Juice diet? All out the window at this stage? Check! 

Another one of the terms that you'll see on the weekly shop everywhere in your local supermarket is 'gluten free'.

It seems there might actually be something in it!

It's benefits are being lauded by none other than Arsenal star, Jack Wilshere.

After a series of industrious displays in central midfield, the gunners player is crediting a dietary change with his resurgence in the Premier League.

After enduring a nightmare few years with injury, the bould Jack explained how a new diet has transformed his physical condition.

'I have been dairy and gluten-free now for six weeks, and I feel that I look better, I have certainly lost a bit of weight, and am leaner. I am probably fitter as well. I feel sharper and quicker on the pitch. I feel like I can last longer.

'For example, at the end of the Chelsea game when we scored the second goal, I felt, 'Come on, we can go on again here'. I was pressing them and felt good. 'I know my body well, I know the right foods to eat and the best way to recover. I'm also getting the right amount of sleep. 'I've learned that over the years and I think I'm in the best shape I have ever been.'

Ok so gluten free from now on and loads of sleep and the premier league may come calling!

A few hundred grand a week will get you a pretty good standard of nutritional advice but for the rest of us it would appear to be a case of trying to crowbar the pints and takeaways out of the weekly intake!

That would be a good start anyway!