Tyrone stalwart joined Joe on the show to discuss All-Ireland defeat

Tyrone's Colm Cavanagh has spoken to Off The Ball about the feeling of being a 'fraud' in the wake of their defeat to Dublin in the All-Ireland football final on Sunday.

The Moy man spoke about the contrasting feelings in the aftermath of Sunday's showpiece compared to his 2008 win with the Ulstermen, and how having to put on a brave face for fans left him feeling empty.

Cavanagh painted a picture of a squad that drowned their sorrows to those that struggled to digest what had happened at Croke Park; with him being on the latter side of the spectrum.

"I found it difficult. I found it very difficult to sign the jerseys, standing for photographs and that sort of thing. I felt nearly like a fraud at that stage.

"We had lost the game, after having given people so much hope before the game in the hope that we could get something out of it.

"Trying to do that sort of thing afterwards is not very easy; I don't find it easy, anyway or at the best of times."

Having played Dublin, Cavanagh was impressed by the completeness of the Dubs' setup, and had some thoughts on how far ahead they are from the rest of the pack.

"[Dublin] are a side that have everything in that team. It's frightening.

"I spoke to Sean after last year's game and we were really taken aback by just how this Dublin team was. We thought going into last year's semi-final we were going to take them down, and they wiped us.

"Things are evolving. Football is evolving. The teams are trying to get to Dublin's level. Everyone is doing a lot more statistical work, analysis work and strength and conditioning to physically and mentally get there!"

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