"The reality is for people with brain, with common sense, with knowledge of what sports is"

Jose Mourinho believes he has overachieved at Manchester United and hit out at those criticising him.

The Red Devils are currently second in the Premier League, 16 points behind the runaway leaders Manchester City.

Mourinho launched an impassioned defense of his record last week when he became the subject of scrutiny following their elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Sevilla.

The United boss delivered a 12-minute rant about the club’s struggles over the past few years and says their shortcomings are not down to him and instead claims his failure are the result of "heritage" issues.

Mourinho expanded on his comments in an interview with CNN, and claimed his critics lack brains, common sense and knowledge of football:

“I understand the frustration, I understand the sadness of being knocked out in the Champions League, but I don't understand anything more than that,” Mourinho said when asked if he understood why he was the subject of criticism.

“In the history of football all around the world, not just in England, you had the biggest clubs with the moments of transition, you have the biggest clubs with moments of continuous and permanent victories and these are phases in the club” 

“And I think really at this moment looking to us in the Premier League we have one team, one club clearly better prepared than us in the past few years to be first and we have 18 clubs behind us. One in front of us, 18 behind us

“Of course in the future we want to have 19 clubs behind us but this is the reality, and the reality is for people with brain, with sense, with common sense, with knowledge of what sports is, we are in a moment of transition.

“Being in a moment of transition and still manage to do what he did last season and win trophies and to do what we are trying to do this season, which is still trying to win a trophy, and try to be second, because in this moment it's the only top position that is possible for us to get.

“I think we are in a good position.”