Kev has taken part in AIB's 'Backing Doing' campaign, and has turned his hand to mixing

The Off The Ball offices are in disarray this Monday, as we realise that Kevin Kilbane has broadened his - already extensive - horizons. Is there anything this man can't do?

Well, that rhetorical question will be answered this evening as Kev tries his hand at DJing, as part of AIB's 'Backing Doing' campaign. Kev will be coached by the lads from Groove Armada as he prepares to perform a set before the iconic duo in Dublin's District 8.

DJ Killa on the 1s and 2s.

Rarely a day goes by in OTB without Kev talking to our resident musical aficionados Stephen Doyle and Richie McCormack about their passion, and we are all delighted to see him try his hand at something new. 

Over the course of four weeks, Kilbane will be thrown into the world of electro music, with mentorship from the very best in the business, including Today FM DJ Kelly-Anne Byrne and Groove Armada legends Andy Cato and Tom Findlay.

The AIB Backing Doing series follows the sports commentator on every step of his journey – from the very basics of learning how to mix tracks and selecting his set list, through the moments of frustrations, to the nail-biting first step he takes on the District 8 stage.

Kev said: “To learn to DJ has been a dream of mine and something I’ve always wanted to do, I just seemed to have other things that I needed to focus on. I’ve tripped and fallen many times during my sports career, but the fear of falling flat on my face during the past month has been a totally new feeling. The last four weeks have been a roller coaster; an unbelievable experience - exhilarating, terrifying at times, but ultimately really rewarding. No matter what, I’ve had the time of my life, and I’m so glad that I finally decided to do it!

The first instalment of Backing Doing goes live on Monday 19th November at 9pm here.

Backing Doing Episode 2 and 3 will air on the 23rd and 30th November at 9pm.

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