Roscommon GAA County Board On The Lookout For A New Boss

So it's official. And I have to thank my Today FM News colleague Kim Buckley for the headline. Yes Kevin McStay HAS become Kevin McLeave. It's an observation even the best back page sub editors missed!

The Mayo native issued a 1,377 word resignation statement in which he ruled himself out of the running to replace Stephen Rochford in Mayo, by saying he was retiring from intercounty management altogether, after 'bringing the team as far as he could' and called on the G-A-A to better support smaller counties.

'After much consideration I have decided not to take up the Chairman’s invitation. I’ve done three years, every one of them challenging and sometimes exhausting.' says McStay.

It's clear there are big demands on managers today both in terms of expectation and logistics.

'In reviewing my time in charge I have to acknowledge the inordinate amount of time I spent dealing with financial and facility issues, personnel issues, media issues and the various contentious and controversial events that kept arising over those seasons. Success is what we all crave but we must understand our reality too.'

While Roscommon is a proud football county, it is a small county with a limited playing pool and deficits in resources and facilities. The budget required to finance success at the highest level demands year-round attention. Facilities, Catering, Kit & Equipment, Professional expertise and, especially, travel costs are major financial drainers and they are placing a massive burden on voluntary officers that is often overwhelming.' the statement read.

In a common theme of late as Dublin head on the drive for five and questions abound over how the others catch up, McStay also has his say.

'These are the significant challenges the smaller GAA counties face. If the GAA is committed to ensuring all counties are, at a minimum, competitive, then they must be supported financially in a way that reflects the demands and the need for fairness, equity and solidarity.'

'Overall, on reflection, these have been three of the greatest years of my life. Leaving the safety of the pundits chair for the passion and glory of the dressing room and football field is a decision I’ll never regret. However, today marks my retirement from senior inter county football management. I look forward to a less stressful period now, concentrating more on work and family life and to supporting Roscommon and Mayo teams in 2019 and beyond.

There was a time when two nights training, picking the team and giving a rousing half time speech amounted to demands on inter county bosses.

But times have changed and this weeks Midland Tribune indicates the demands on intercounty managers nowadays.

They've published details of the criteria to be met for the new Offaly senior football job covering 35 steps across coach, selectors, goalkeeping coach, video analyst, sports psychologist, nutrition, recovery and of course budget.

You'd wonder what Mick O'Dwyer would make of it all!