"Having considered this video... Moy expresses its disappointment and dismay with the outcome of the investigation"

Moy GAA have confirmed that they will be lodging an appeal against the decision made by the Tyrone County Board not to take action for the incident which left Sean Cavanagh with a broken nose and a concussion.

They found that the clash which resulted in a nasty looking facial and a minor concussion to the former All Ireland winner with Tyrone was adjudicated appropriately on the day.

Their Tyrone SFC match against Edendork made the headlines recently after the referee brandished 27 cards, including one red.

Officials ruled that the incident that left Cavanagh with a broken nose and concussion merited no sanction on the field and the referee's handling of the incident was found to be adequate by the Tyrone Competitions Control Committee.

Members of the CCC reviewed the report of referee Kieran Eanetta and went through the available video footage of the game before coming to their decision.

A statement released on Saturday by the Tyrone CCC said it was satisfied the referee acted appropriately in imposing no sanction following the incident.

“The CCC was satisfied that the referee was well-positioned, in clear view of the incident, and adjudicated on the matter, appropriately.

“Tyrone GAA takes the opportunity, again, to wish its former senior football team captain, Sean Cavanagh, captain a speedy recovery from the injury that he sustained.”

Moy have reviewed the footage and said in a statement: "On 24th September 2018, members of the Committee of Moy Tír na nÓg had a first opportunity to view the video footage of the match between Moy and Edendork St. Malachy’s played on 15th September 2018, during which Seán Cavanagh sustained a broken nose and concussion.

"Having considered this video, Moy Tír na nÓg G.A.C expresses its disappointment and dismay with the outcome of the investigation by the Competitions Control Committee of the Tyrone County Board, issued on Saturday 22nd September 2018, that the referee “…adjudicated on the matter appropriately”.

"The cause of the clash that led to the injuries could and should have been avoided. The mark had been taken by Seán Cavanagh and signalled by the referee directly before the incident.

"Rule 7.2 Category 3 (iv) ‘Behaving in a way that is dangerous to an opponent’ is a red card offence.

"As a first stage in the appeal process, Moy Tír na nÓg G.A.C has requested to Tyrone County Board that the referee and the linesmen who officiated on 15th September 2018 review the footage again to reconsider their opinion.

"Moy Tír na nÓg G.A.C expresses its disapproval of the derogatory online comments made against both clubs and the players involved, and appeals for restraint and moderation in the expression of legitimate views and opinions.

"The health, safety and well-being of all our playing members is of the utmost importance to our club.

"We wish Edendork St. Malachy's G.A.C. well in their Championship match this Friday, 28th September 2018."

Last week Edendork threatened legal action over reporting of incident and put on record their belief that the collision was completely accidental: 

“We as a club we would like to advise that we have been deeply disappointed by the aspersions cast upon our players and club in respect of this incident. It is quite clear that a blind trial by media has occurred in relation to this matter, causing the individual player and the club a great deal of vexation.

“It should be noted that this was a collision that occurred during the course of play and in plain view of the referee and match officials whilst the ball was in play. No sanction or disciplinary action ensued at that time.

“Edendork GAC would like to state firmly that it is the opinion of the club and individual player that this was an accidental and unfortunate collision and we hold any suggestion to the contrary as being defamatory.”