Give Patrice Evra a shout

This is an important announcement. Are you fed up of some of the so called celebrities that appear on reality tv shows?

Are you involved in the production team of one of these modern phenomena? Then do yourself a favour and give Patrice Evra a shout.

Maybe it's me, but I haven't a clue who half the people in 'celebrity this that or the other' are.

At least we have heard of Evra.

He is someone Alex Ferguson praised for his leadership, also describing him as one of the best left backs in Europe.

Of Selegalese extraction, 36 year old Patrice has also served as captain for both Manchester United and France.

Evra, won five Premier League titles and the Champions League during an eight-year spell with Manchester United, joined Marseille from Juventus until he was er sacked by the club in the south of France after kicking a fan in the head during an altercation before an Europa League tie.

So he's got an interesting back story.

Uefa then announced he had been banned from all European club matches for seven months. You can see his Eric Cantona style moves here.

Patrice harbours hopes of a return though.

Despite all that the Frenchman who's well worth following for a giggle on Instagram has indicated he clearly doesn't believe his career is over just yet.

Je regrete rien

In his 'new year message' Patrice seems to have issued a veiled reference to standing by the actions which got him banned with the famous French tune 'I regret nothing' playing in the backround.


What a performer

But he's also someone clearly with a sense of humour.


If you are that person charged with scouring the internet for a few guest ideas and are looking for someone to liven up things in front of the live reality show cameras it's definitely a name to bring to the next programming meeting.

You can thank me later. You're welcome. Just remember to cut me in for a share of the profits when the ratings soar.