Matt and Keith joined us for Wednesday Night Rugby in association with Eir Sport

Keith Wood believes that Ronan O'Gara has ability rarely seen in an Irishman, and that his Rugby Hall of Fame is just reward for his 'excellence'.

Keith and Matt Williams joined Wednesday Night Rugby, brought in association with Eir Sport - the home of rugby in Ireland.

"We were talking about some of the pure excellence that he had," Keith recounted, after learning of O'Gara's induction only this afternoon.

"He is a man who delivered on every stage, and had an unbelievably long career. But a phenomenal winner, and absolutely deserving of his place in the Hall of Fame."

Matt was clear that RO'G has not received the same level of praise as compatriot Brian O'Driscoll, but was unequivocal that they were of a very similar level.

"If he wasn't in the same generation as Brian [O'Driscoll], Ronan would be recognised as Ireland's greatest back since Jackie Kyle.

"He had a phenomenally successful career, with the trophies that he won. 

"But I think that he has never been given the credit outside of Ireland that he deserves. I think the recognition that being placed in the Hall of Fame gives him is rich reward.

"He wasn't a good player, he was a fantastic player."

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