Ireland assistant manager feels fans are still behind the Boys in Green

Roy Keane has broken his silence for the first time since his high profile row with Harry Arter.

Arter asked to be omitted from the Republic of Ireland squad for the games against Wales and Poland back in September.

The pair buried the hatchet and Arter returned for the recent international with Wales in the Nations League.

He told last month: “Me and Roy just had a chat and the chat was private between me and him. I've got the utmost respect for Roy Keane and I was glad we sorted it out. 

"I can only speak individually and as I said earlier I've got the utmost respect for Roy as my coach and the respect between me and him is big now. I'm just looking forward to going back over and hopefully put all the negativity to one side. 

Keane has not been put forward by the FAI for a press conference or done an interview since the row.

He spoke in a promotional video for ‘Three’ official sponsors of the Irish football team. He discussed the Irish fans and admits despite a poor string of recent results that they have been fairly judged:

“They can be critical of course and when you lose matches, you have to accept that but I generally think the Irish supporters have a good balance to it”. 

“If fans see the Irish players giving their all on the pitch, they will forgive mistakes and get behind the team.”

Speaking of the role the fans play for the national team, Keane emphasises “It’s great knowing that when you’re a player and you’re going out on the pitch that the supporters will fight your corner”.