'I Wasn't Doing Anything Illegal' says US Swimming Star

Heard the latest saga involving twelve-time Olympic medallist Ryan Lochte?

Heres a clue.

The swimmer says he is "devastated" by his 14-month ban for a doping violation.

The 33-year-old American has been sanctioned by the US Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) for an intravenous infusion.

Just as former Arsenal and Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri discovered when he made the same mistake in 2016, IV drips or injections of more than 100 millilitres of fluid in a 12-hour period are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency even if the substances are legal.

While Lochte was not using a banned substance, athletes cannot usually receive IVs unless related to a hospitalisation or via an exemption.

Lochte posted a photo of himself on social media receiving the IV which prompted an investigation.

He told a news conference: "A rule is a rule and I accept there is a technical violation. "I wasn't taking anything that was banned or prohibited. I am hopeful other athletes learn from my mistake."

It's not the first time Ryan has attracted unwanted attention.

At the Rio Olympics Lochte was charged for reporting a falsified crime on what sounds like a crazy night.

Lochte and three other swim team member reported being held at gunpoint and robbed by a man impersonating a police officer.

The swimmers were said to have conflicting stories of what exactly took place.

According to Rio’s Civil Police Chief Fernando Veloso, it was all to cover up the fact that members of the swim team vandalized a bathroom at a gas station on their way home from a party.

Apparently they paid an undisclosed amount for the damage.

The moral of the story - don't try this at home kids, and Ryan TRY to stay out of trouble!