Galway midfielder explains how Donegal man has been helping him with the trauma

Paul Conroy has revealed that Republic of Ireland captain Seamus Coleman has been coaching the Galway midfielder through his horror leg break.

Conroy received the injury in a clash with Kerry's Sean O'Shea - a double fracture of the tibia and fibula, as well as a hairline fracture of the fibula on the right leg.

Coleman received a similar injury in the Republic's match against Wales in March 2017, and Paul explained to OTB AM how the Donegal man has been assisting in Conroy's recovery.

"I have been talking to a couple of players, footballers and soccer players who have had a similar injury as well," said Paul.

"I was on to Seamie Coleman there yesterday, he gave me a shout. It was nice to hear from him. He had a very similar injury to myself. So getting a couple of tips of those boys is great."

On the advice that Coleman had given him, Paul explained that this was a mental trauma that he needed to overcome.

"He was just saying that he had a very positive mindset straight away, and that he found that made an awful big difference. A lot of people were saying to him that he might not ever be the same again, or as be as good as he was. But he used that as motivation to come back. 

"He was saying that he trained with the first team at Everton six months after the injury that happened against Wales in March.

"It was great to hear from somebody like that, and it certainly gives you that bit of motivation to try and get back earlier than expected. It might not work out like that, but it was good to hear from someone like that."

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