The Banner To Defend Fenway Classic Trophy In Boston

It's much maligned in some quarters, but try telling that to the players of All Ireland senior hurling champions Limerick, Clare, Cork, and Wexford.

The four counties will line out at the iconic home of the Boston Red Sox on Sunday in the Aer Lingus Fenway Hurling Classic for the Players trophy.

For generations we've all heard a) hurling is the greatest game in the world b) imagine if it became a global sport.

Taking point 2 how does that actually happen?

Don't get me wrong, there is a question to be asked around why it's not a 32 county strong sport in Ireland, but why can't an effort be made to advance the sport at home AND abroad?

There is also a criticism around the fact that it's not hurling in the purest sense.

We all make compromises in life.

So if cultivating global appeal is a goal and translating that into recruiting players and fans abroad, how does that happen?

You WANT to play at some of the world's iconic sports venues.

But the reality is, many of these fabled venues were not designed with hurling in mind.

However putting the sport on display in these venues, where millions of sports fans are used to going, makes perfect sense.

And here comes the trade off.

Modifications around the goal posts and pitch size.

A shrink to fit approach, if you will.

If anything this accentuates the fundamental skills of the game and helped throng the Boston venue in recent years.

The rules issue aside, when will an inter county player get such a thrill to line out at an iconic sports venue?

This is one of the main reasons the endeavour is unlikely to end any time soon.

All Ireland champions Limerick, Clare, Cork and Wexford will square off this Sunday live on TG4 and the Banner will welcome back a familiar face.

And here's why its a favorite with fans.

Go Irish.