Dublin's Finnegan joined Off The Ball following victory over Cork

Sinead Finnegan has told us how the Dublin panel 'busting their arses' was the key to driving each other to All-Ireland victory over Cork on Sunday.

The Dublin team beat Cork 3-11 to 1-12 points at Croke Park to defeat the Rebels at the fourth attempt.

Sinead was clear that while the two teams share a history, that their triumph was ultimately motivated by personal drive rather than a desire for revenge. Asked about the training regime in the run-up to the final, Sinead cut a figure that will look forward to an extended break.

"It was really difficult, to be honest. I couldn't wait for the final to come because training was so hard. It was really high intensity all the time, with everyone driving each other on.

"There are 39 girls on the panel and every single person was busting their arses to make everyone a better player, to make sure we got the performance we did yesterday.

"It has been extremely competitive over the last three weeks - very hard at times. You would be absolutely wrecked after training, and you were looking forward to a bit of down time because you've been working so hard."

On the rivalry between Dublin and Cork, Sinead reiterated that this was not a personal vendetta on the Dubs' behalf.

"I do think that this was just another game. I know that there have been previous experiences with Dublin and Cork, but both sides are two different teams and we really respect Cork. Coming into it, we knew that it would be a tight match."

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