New United Kit Costs Over 200 Quid!

Are you a parent of a sports mad teenager who loves to be in the latest sports kit? 

My sympathies!

Here's why.

As you may have heard and hopefully not in a demand note from your offspring, Manchester United have launched their new home kit and fans are far from impressed at the prices.

The only good news is Adidas are selling an "authentic" version of United's new jersey along with a replica version.

The authentic jersey is priced at a staggering £109.95 (€123.78). Authentic shorts and socks are selling for £42.95 and £29.95, or €48.36 and €33.72. Over €200 for a football kit?

Features in the authentic jersey include 'premium crest', 'athletic fit', and 'climachill' but there is a replica jersey is a more standard price of £64.95 (€70).

Advising your loved one to get a part time job to learn about disposable income and budgeting so they can afford it is one option.

God help you if you have a few to cater for and at these prices if overtime for you or forcing the kids into child labour aren't options it's a case of making do with whatever jersey they have for the forseeable future.

You'd need a money tree growing 50 euro notes at the bottom of the garden at this rate.

When you factor in back to school books, uniforms and bus fares give any parents you meet on a days walk a bit of a break today - they're probably near breaking point trying to plan for all these outgoings in the coming weeks already.

And DON'T mention the new Man United kit!