Ronaldo top of the league!

Are you on Instagram? Who you following? How many followers do you have?

It's just that if you can get your followers up to 100 million you could be on to make a right few bob.

Ok you have to mow down a few reality tv stars and some major global soccer superstars but everything is possible now, right!

The stats around the worlds leading moneymakers have been revealed and it will probably come as no surprise that Christiano Ronaldo tops the charts!

Social media is becoming increasingly powerful when it comes to influencing a consumer's buying decisions and celebrities are often found to be the driving factor behind it.

Instagram scheduler HopperHQ has compiled its 2018 Instagram rich list which tells you who is making how much with each post and who is leading the charts when it comes to raking in money through the photo-sharing application.

They take into account the number of followers, per post engagement and frequency of posts to compile the list.

The rich list for 2018 is topped by none other than Kylie Jenner, who may charge up to 1 million US dollars for a post but with 136 million followers Christiano Ronaldo is breathing down her neck so to speak as the top global sports name and a cost of 750 thousand dollars per post.

Presumably for something like this.

But seen by 5.8 million to be fair!

Neymar is $600k to be seen by his 100million fans.

Nike again takers at that price.

If you want something cheaper - Becks is a cool $300K.

Gareth Bale brings up the sports top 4 at $185k. He's flogging altitude masks.

For the record I'm going to be demanding at least 50 quid for anyone who is interested.