Why Not?

Ok, a few things upfront. Firstly there is NO vacancy as Republic of Ireland soccer manager.

I am not about to suggest that P45's should be handed out to Martin and Roy, what I am putting forward is a question about succession planning.

What does it look like in terms of Ireland's international soccer squad?

The rugby crowd are already at it.

There seems to be a consensus of opinion that a future without Joe Schmidt may kick in after next years Rugby World Cup.

Michael O'Neill has made the step up to manage Northern Ireland and after a 4th League and Cup double, not forgetting some great European results, why not Stephen Kenny as the next League of Ireland boss to make the step up?

There has been a tendency in Ireland to think that lads not from around here might have a better idea about international management.

But if we are working with a lesser pool of players than squads stuffed with representatives in the Premier League or La Liga, and we are hoping that the collective will create something greater than the individual parts, then why not Stephen Kenny?

Even one of Ireland's great warriors Richard Dunne is in the Kenny camp.

'People ask if someone like Stephen Kenny could command the respect of the Ireland players, but not many players in that Ireland dressing room have won medals, compared to the trophies that Stephen has won. It’s not about a ‘Premier League background’, it’s about a mentality of putting together a team that can win things.'

Kenny lives and breathes the game and is working from the ground up.

Dundalk edged Cork City by 2 goals to 1 to win their latest cup final clash.

The victory was also down to a Kenny master stroke.

After handing him his debut as a teenager in Derry, Stephen brought back Patrick McEleney, for his second spell at the club earlier this year, and the Ulsterman was on hand to head home the winning goal in the 73rd minute.

Some score to be fair.

Kenny to succeed Martin O'Neill? It's a story unlikely to die out anytime soon.