Community Campaign Highlights Grass Roots

It's All Ireland Final week. Have you your ticket sorted? Would you prefer to watch paint dry?

If no and yes are your responses, grand.

But Croke Park will still be packed to the rafters on Sunday.

The hype will go into overdrive in Dublin and Tyrone at any rate.

Ahead of the big game a community campaign, designed to show that the people of Tyrone are ‘all in’ and they ‘believe' has received an airing in the lead in to the match.

It's the brainchild of Fehin Quinn who admits he was never likely to make onto the steps of the Hogan stand in September.

'I was a profoundly bad footballer as a youngster, and as a hurler, I wasn’t much better but grew up a Gael, my club Killyclogher, the association has always been a part of my life, passed on to me and my siblings by our parents, just as it was passed on before them.

I have always been more interested in the holistic identity and community that the GAA as a whole builds.

Be that at club, parish, county, province or national level. To me, it's about more than the games, the culture or the language. It's about our friends and neighbours.

This campaign has a life of its own, its timing is fortuitous, coming online for the Senior Finals (Men and Ladies) but we know that it will continue for a long time to come as there are Many Hands in this county.' says Fehin who is also founder of the Nine874 design collective.

'The idea for this campaign came to quite some time ago when I working on a pet project where I’ve been documenting and photographing the 86 panel, its backroom staff and all those who supported the team on and off the pitch.

'Some of those shots have allowed me to pitch the idea to Club Tyrone & Tyrone GAA.

I have worked as a designer for 20 years, in that time I have worked alongside many clubs.  What can I say about Many Hands. One County?

The concept itself is simple. I think its most important messages are how it tries to reflect the breadth/ depth/passion of the GAA in our County, its players, volunteers and supporters.

Young and old.

Male and female.

'We have tried to harness the power of social media to ‘spread the word’. We never wanted to scream our message, instead, we’ve tried to allow the imagery, the ‘face & the name’ to do the talking.

Some faces are more recognisable than others, but each person in our ‘family’ plays a part in our association.

They all have their stories, histories and are appreciated for everything that they have done, and continue to do.

The images are doing all the work and therefore don’t need to be accompanied by big spiels of biographies, they reflect the real heart and soul of the GAA, those with us, those still to come and those who have already left us.'

Over 100 images that will be released in the run-up to the final... with many more to follow.

Ultimately the whole thing is about enjoying and celebrating WHO we are and WHERE we’re from.' says Fehin.

Other Tyrone fans are also doing what you might expect in the lead up to the big match.

'People are still writing songs, wearing colours, stringing up bunting and painting sheep in fields!.

Now they just need Mickey and the lads to bag All Ireland No.4!