Donegal are not happy with arrangements allowing Dublin two games at Croke Park

Donegal have plans to object to Dublin having home advantage should they make the Super 8s stage of the football championship next summer.

The GAA's Central Competitions Control Committee are unlikely to change the provisions that give Dublin home advantage for Croke Park, as well as allowing them to play the game for for a neutral venue game at GAA HQ.

Donegal chairman Mick McGrath has told the Irish Times that they feel Dublin are getting an unfair advantage:

“We do feel very strongly about this and were the ones jumping up and down about it last season. We’re not pointing the finger at Dublin but we don’t think any county should have two games in Croke Park in the Super 8s.

“For Dublin to declare Croke Park a home venue in the Super 8s and also have it as designated neutral venue isn’t a level playing field.

“We’re certainly not letting that issue go and I think there is concern about this out there in other counties.”